Introduction into HTML

compiled by Kay Oliver Seiferdt



With HTML content will be created, to describe the content, tags are mandatory. There are two types of tags, an  <opening tag> and a </closing tag> , of course there are some exceptions, where only one tag is needed but that will be explained at another time.
To use tags, you need angle brackets, a HTML element and for closing is a slash / mandatory.

  • opening tag  < HTML-element >
  • closing tag </ HTML-element >

The opening and closing tag are used to described the content, between the tags the content have to be added. The content will be displayed as trough the tags described. The structure will look like:
<opening tag> content </closing tag>

Every HTML document is made up of basic tags.

  1. HTML-tag
  2. Head-tag
  3. Body-tag

The HTML-tag is the first and the last tag of every HTML document.  So to say, its starts and ends the document.

The head-tag comes right after the opening-html-tag and will be closed before the body-tag starts. The visible content of the head-tag is the title, its also used for i.e. connecting HTML with CSS.

The body is the main part of the document, in this part most of the content will be created. Everything which is written in this part, will be displayed on the webpage.

html basic tags

Here you see the structure, the start-tag is the opening tag of HTML, after that the opening and closing tag of the head section are following. The body section, the main part, start at this time. At last only the closing tag of html is missing and that takes place in the end of every html document.


In the end an example, where the different parts are located.
As described before, the title, in the top-left,  is the only visible part of the head section. The body contains everything you want to be published.

title body html

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