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CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheet” and its one of the core elements of a website, if you only use HTML, you will create a useless website because its unusable. In the end it is the combination of both, which makes your website usable.

There are three ways to implement CSS in your HTML-code

  1. Inline 2. Internal and 3. External.

For Inline CSS, adds everything in the opening tag of an element. Therefore you just have to add ‘style=”property: value;”‘.

Example:Inline CSS




For the Internal CSS, you have to add a style-tag between the head-tags.


Internal CSS







External CSS, which separates the HTML- and CSS-code, completely. It is essential to add a reference between the head-tags, through that you connect both documents. To do so, you have to add <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”[name of the document].css”>.


External CSS-HTML




And the Code from the stylesheet.css

External CSS

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