Know more about CSS

The syntax is divided in selector, property and valueThe selector could be every HTML-element, paragraph, heading or the body-tag. The property is responsible for the style and in combination with its value, the actual change will be achieved. To refer from the property to the value it is necessary to read more

CSS elements – Color

compiled by Kay Oliver Seiferdt


Property-color changes the color of the text, border, background or every other element, where color is visible. The value can be assigned in different ways.

just the Name of the color like – red, green, blue rgb(value, value, value) and the value in the parenthesis is a number between 0 and 255

  • rgb() means red, green, blue –
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Introduction to JAVA

Contributor: Dipal Modi

  • Java was convinced / developed by James Gosling and Sun Microsystem. In 1991, Sun Microsystem took 18 months for the first version and announced in 1993. Initial name of Java was “OAK”. But, it is renamed to Java in 1995.
  • The primary motivation of Java was the need for the platform independent language i.e. “Write Once, Run Anywhere.”
  • Java enables to build platform independent
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