Troubleshooting Device Manager Issues

Troubleshooting Device Manager Issues in Win XP

Device Manager is an OS feature that lets you view and change the properties of all devices
attached to your computer.
When you use Device Manager, you can:
Determine if the hardware on your computer is working properly
Change hardware configuration settings, Identify the device drivers that are loaded for each device and obtain information about each device driver,
Change advanced settings and properties for devices, Install updated device drivers
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Basic Geometric Transformations

Basic Geometric Transformations

The process to change the geometry of each object by changing its size, position or orientation. These operations are called geometric transformations.


We translate objects in the (x, y) plane to new positions by adding translation vectors to the coordinates of their vertices.

x’ = x + d x
y’ = y + d y

In matrix form this is:


Objects can be stretched or shrinked by scaling their vertices. Their coordinates have to be multiplied by the read more

Basic Transformations on image

Basic Transformations on image

Enhancing an image provides better contrast and a more detailed image as compare to non enhanced image. Image enhancement has very applications. It is used to enhance medical images, images captured in remote sensing , images from satellite e.t.c

The transformation function has been given below

s = T ( r )

where r is the pixels of the input image and s is the pixels of the output image. T is a transformation function that maps each value of r to each value of s.

A) Logarithmic transformations:

Logarithmic read more

Program to plot a Histogram

Program to plot a Histogram

A histogram is a graph. A graph that shows frequency of anything. Usually histogram have bars that represent frequency of occurring of data in the whole data set.


clear all;
close all;

for x=1:1:row
for y=1:1:col
if a(x,y)<1

title(‘Original Image’);

title(‘Histogram read more

To apply Histogram Equalization on image

Program to apply Histogram Equalization on image

Histogram equalization is used to enhance contrast. It is not necessary that contrast will always be increase in this. There may be some cases were histogram equalization can be worse. In that cases the contrast is decreased.


clear all
[row col]=size(I);
for n=1:row
for m=1:col
if I(n,m) == 0
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Morphological Operations on Image

Morphological Operations on Image

Morphological image processing is a collection of non-linear operations related to the shape or morphology of features in an image. According to Wikipedia, morphological operations rely only on the relative ordering of pixel values, not on their numerical values, and therefore are especially suited to the processing of binary images. Morphological operations can also be applied to greyscale images such that their light transfer functions are unknown and therefore their absolute pixel values read more

Sound & Video Card Troubleshooting

Sound & Video Card Troubleshooting

Sound card trouble shooting

I. Making sure that you have a card and drivers for the installation
• First, be sure that you have a sound card installed on your system and have speakers or
headphones connected to it.
• The sound card is usually a card in the back of your machine, although some newer
machines have them installed on the motherboard.
• Check that the wire from your speakers or headphones is connected to the “Speaker Out” or ” Spk read more